Love One Another - Arrangement

Thanks for your interest in my arrangement! This arrangement is SAB, although it does have sections where the men split into Tenor and Bass, so I guess I could have labeled it SATB or SAB. It's half and half!

I wanted this arrangement to focus on the message of the song and really call attention to concepts we may gloss over after hearing it so often. I hope your choir benefits from it. Sign up to get a free copy below.

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Love One Another / As I Have Loved You Arrangement Snapshot of Free Sheet Music

Quick Facts About This Song

  • Title: "Love One Another" (also known as "As I Have Loved You")
  • Topic: Loving as the Savior did
  • Arrangement: SAB (Soprano, Alto, Bass/Men); arrangement copyright 2017 Stacey Oakes
  • Tags: SAB, Arrangement
  • Intent: To focus singers and congregation on the original message of the song (since many of us have heard it so often that it has lost some of its meaning)
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How the "Love One Another" Arrangement Happened

During a time when I was our ward's primary chorister, we sang "Love One Another" pretty regularly, and I have always loved it.  One day, I was at home and must have had this song going through my head. I started hearing another potential part, and I really liked it. I had to write it down. For several years, the arrangement remained unfinished, although I would play it for my personal enjoyment.

After a few years, I started working on some of the other parts, and I went through many variations, from SSA to SATB and even an ST version.  Through the years, my take on those parts (especially the men's) has changed a little, but the original intent remains: to help people focus on the real message of loving each person and showing that love. I settled on the SAB version for now. If you need a different arrangement, let me know and I'll try to dig one up.

A Bit of Trivia: "Love One Another" was the first song I ever arranged, outside of my own songwriting.  I hope you enjoy it!

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