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Abinadi Verse to Go with Come Follow Me Lesson for May 4-10 | Mosiah 11-17 |

I wrote this song a while ago, and I'm so happy that the Abinadi verse goes with this year's Come Follow Me lesson for May 4-10. The lesson covers Mosiah 11-17. The Abinadi Message What is most important to me is that children understand that Abinadi still stood firm and strong during his life, while he was dying, and after his death. In other words, he is still alive and it's not the end of his story.  I think Abinadi is glad he did what he did, and he still is alive, standing firm and strong. I hope that makes sense to you and your children. Easy Piano This song is easy enough to play that someone in their first year of piano lessons can play it.  That was another goal I had with this song. I want kids to play it and sing along. Then it's fun in more than one way, and every time they play it, they're remembering an important gospel principle. Music Link Well, enough of me pouring my heart out! Here's the email signup to get the pdf.  
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Quick Ways to Play Piano

Have you always wanted to learn to play piano? With very little effort, you can start learning to play. While I do have a free piano course you can take to learn how to read sheet music and such, you can also start playing immediately with what's called Synthesia music. I love making Synthesia piano videos for people so they can enjoy playing hymns and children's songs right away. Here's a Synthesia video I made today! I hope you enjoy it. Just play along at your piano or keyboard , if you have one. If you don't, you can get the Synthesia or another piano app and play that way. Of course, it's advisable to get a keyboard or piano at some point soon if you really want to play piano. Sometimes you can get pianos for free because people want them gone and they're heavy! You can get most songs in the songbook for free at the Church's website: Here's "Dare to Do Right" from the Children's Songbook. This Synthe

I Am a Child of God - with Vocal Descant or Instrumental

To add a little variety to one of my favorites, this arrangement includes a new third verse descant. You can use a vocalist/vocal group for the descant, or an instrument (I love it with flute or violin). Let me know how it goes! Get the sheet music

God of Our Fathers - Easy Piano - Key of C

Here's an arrangement of "God of Our Fathers" in the key of C. It has a few accidentals, so it's a good way to introduce newer pianists to that concept. The easy key helps them focus more on just the accidentals. By the way, I have a free piano course that you may be interested in. It teaches the basics of how to hold your hand, read music, identify notes on the keyboard, etc. You can get in here: It's a Canvas course, which is the website most colleges and universities use, so it's reliable. I've made it with animated characters who teach concepts, and there are games, jokes and quizzes to make learning super fun. I originally made it for kids, but it has turned out to be fun for adults too. Get it for a limited time FREE at the link if you want: Anyway, back to the simplified "God of Our Fathers in C"...  I guess Blogger doesn&#

Love One Another - Arrangement

Thanks for your interest in my arrangement! This arrangement is SAB, although it does have sections where the men split into Tenor and Bass, so I guess I could have labeled it SATB or SAB. It's half and half! I wanted this arrangement to focus on the message of the song and really call attention to concepts we may gloss over after hearing it so often. I hope your choir benefits from it. Sign up to get a free copy below. Yes, send me the "Love One Another" sheet music PDF. *I don't share your email with anyone. You can choose to never hear from me again or to get freebies from time to time. Quick Facts About This Song Title: "Love One Another" (also known as "As I Have Loved You") Topic: Loving as the Savior did Arrangement: SAB (Soprano, Alto, Bass/Men); arrangement copyright 2017 Stacey Oakes Tags: SAB, Arrangement Intent: To focus singers and congregation on the original message of the song (since many of us have heard it s

Young Women of Covenant

Send me my free copy of "Young Women of Covenant" ***You'll automatically get the free PDF in your email box! You'll also receive new sheet music as it becomes available. I don't share your email address with anyone.*** Sheet music sample: Tags: Sacred, LDS, YW, Original About the Song: Topic: Keeping Covenants, Standing for Truth, Staying Strong Vocal Arrangement: SSA The third time through, both verses are sung at the same time Also available as a Relief Society anthem, "Women of Covenant"


Send me my free copy of Hallelujah! Email Address   "Hallelujah" is often used as a Christmas song but is also be used as a worshipful song any time of the year. About the Song: Topic: the joy of the Savior's birth; our responsibility to live like the Savior did SSA Note for primary choristers: This piece could be beautiful as a children's song.  Use the same accompaniment in the sheet music, and have the children sing the first soprano line. If you feel adventurous, a few singers could do the Alto "Hallelujah" eighth notes that lead into each "Hallelujah" soprano line. ***Enter your email address above and the sheet music will send to your email box automatically.  I'll also send you additional sheet music as it becomes available. I won't share your email with anyone.*** Sheet music preview: Tags:  Christmas, LDS, Sacred, Original