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I Am a Child of God - with Vocal Descant or Instrumental

To add a little variety to one of my favorites, this arrangement includes a new third verse descant. You can use a vocalist/vocal group for the descant, or an instrument (I love it with flute or violin).

Let me know how it goes!

Get the sheet music


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Thanks for your interest in my arrangement! This arrangement is SAB, although it does have sections where the men split into Tenor and Bass, so I guess I could have labeled it SATB or SAB. It's half and half! I wanted this arrangement to focus on the message of the song and really call attention to concepts we may gloss over after hearing it so often. I hope your choir benefits from it. Sign up to get a free copy below. Yes, send me the "Love One Another" sheet music PDF. *I don't share your email with anyone. You can choose to never hear from me again or to get freebies from time to time. Quick Facts About This Song Title: "Love One Another" (also known as "As I Have Loved You") Topic: Loving as the Savior did Arrangement: SAB (Soprano, Alto, Bass/Men); arrangement copyright 2017 Stacey Oakes Tags: SAB, Arrangement Intent: To focus singers and congregation on the original message of the song (since many of us have heard it s


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